Laura Riding on the Bus

from by Energetic Action




Laura Riding on the Bus

Laura Riding on the bus, she wants to talk with us,
she asks the driver to stop with the shutting of the back door
and all along the way ladies take two seats.
How come nobody wants to sit with me?
There’s your purse, but it has no pulse!
Everybody’s got a phone.
Who are you talking to? You’re always alone.
Who do you think you’re escaping inside of?
Laura Riding on the bus, she wants to talk with us,
she invites you to take a seat at the front
but in time your attention slides.
Laura Riding took your clothes,
she took your newspaper notes, she took your headphones.
Now how will you abide?
We stop at every light. We stop at every sign.
We stop to watch the ducks begin their flight;
and there’s a man on my side, he is reading a book.
I say, Can I take a look? but he just laughs
and then he hides.


from Becoming, released June 1, 2013
Synnett, Finkelman, Burkosky, Bassett, 2013.



all rights reserved


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